Smart Contract

Our Contracts have been audited by Coinfabrik

We have finalized our application for the purchase of the KNN token that will be available for use from January 25, 2023.

In Kanna's dApp, you can connect your wallet and exchange ETH for KNN in a simple way, if you don't have a crypto wallet but want to support the project, you have the option to buy them via PIX and inform your wallet in the future to carry out the rescue.

First Smart Contracts (Genesis Era)

Our smart contracts run on the Ethereum Mainnet network in the ERC-20 framework, a decision taken after "The Merge", a network upgrade that reduced the emission of pollutants by around 95%, in addition to significantly lowering the cost to run an operation on the Network.

Today we have 4 main contracts that are part of our economy, plus a contract in the finalization phase, they are:

Coinfabrik Audit

We follow best practices for security, optimization and construction of smart contracts to ensure the efficiency of our technology. Remembering that once on the blockchain, the code becomes impossible to manipulate, hence this need.

The company chosen for the audit was Coinfabrik, founded in 2014, they have already audited more than 200 projects for global companies such as Ripio, Chilliz(CHZ) and 1 Inch. We did very well in the process, resolving the small points that were highlighted by the company, below is the link to the full audit report.

Kanna's Github

Soon we will open all Kanna codes for the audit of the community itself, we are in the process of creating and organizing this structure.

If you are interested in knowing the audited code, are in an investment round, etc.. just send an email to and inform the reason that in a few days we will return with the NDA and next steps for validation .

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