About Kanna

Impacting People, Community and the Plannet

An Introduction to Kanna

Kanna is a company that aims to foster an ecosystem of sustainable practices and positive impact through hemp and blockchain. Token holders of KNN are community members who can track and assess the crops linked to Kanna's ecosystem, promoting good practices and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Producers can benefit from our solutions by certifying the positive environmental impact of their operations, while Kanna community members contribute to an ever-evolving project, holding a token with various utilities and a roadmap seeking to add value to the ecosystem.

Through a set of utilities on its platform, Kanna utilizes technology to bring transparency to legal hemp cultivation, a species with high potential for benefiting soils and capturing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Kanna's Products

For Individuals

Access to an ecosystem of utilities through the KNN token.

Become part of a community striving to build a better future. Access exclusive content channels about cannabis, blockchain, and ESG, stay updated on community initiatives, follow technology developments, cultivation evolution, and participate in projects promoted by Kanna.

Be a KNN holder and enjoy exclusive benefits. Join a pioneering project, become a token holder, and gain benefits such as discounts within Kanna's partner network, NFT certifications, access to community events, and various rewards.

Engage in community projects and receive rewards. Use your KNN tokens to participate in community projects, collaborate in activities such as design, software development, communication, crop assessment, and be rewarded with tokens and NFTs.

For Hemp and Cannabis Producers

Platform for certifying the impact of cannabis cultivation.

Bring transparency to your cultivation operation. Register documents attesting to the quality and compliance of your cultivation on the blockchain and receive a sustainability certificate with validation and active participation from our community.

Promote the impact generated by your company. Become a Kanna partner cultivator and access an audited document that adds transparency to your supply chain and a page that showcases the operation's results.

Make your farm even more sustainable. Utilize our platform to gain relevant insights for improvements in your operation, directly reflecting in increased impact and productivity generated by the cultivation.

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