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Invest in the Planet, Recover the Environment with KNN

Kanna wants to benefit degraded lands and enable people to support positive environmental impact using blockchain transparency and hemp environmental technology through an ecosystem of benefits.

We are an ESG company, and we have these elements at our core; our three pillars are related to the acronym. Hemp strongly impacts the environment and social aspects (E), while our strong community actively participates in projects (S). As for Blockchain, it brings security and transparency to transactions, enabling the company to have decentralized mechanisms (G).

This document presents Kanna's entire vision, token utilities, and progress towards objectives, serving as a comprehensive open letter explaining the company's products and how the ecosystem drives impact through sustainable hemp cultivation.

You can use the menu to navigate between links and go directly to points of interest. If you are not familiar with Kanna, I recommend reading the material in its entirety.

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