Global Alignment

We position ourselves to meet the needs of the planet and the market.

Another point that helps to add value to the token is its alignment with the global positioning related to the development of a sustainable economy and the development of the technological industry, in addition to being inserted in markets that are growing rapidly.


SDG is the acronym for the Sustainable Development Goals.

It is a global pact signed during the United Nations Summit in 2015 by the 193 member countries. The agenda is made up of 17 ambitious and interconnected goals, broken down into 169 goals, with a focus on overcoming the world's main development challenges, promoting sustainable global growth by 2030.

In general, Kanna has the potential to contribute in some way to the 17 objectives proposed, keeping in mind that one (international group of alternative to addiction) shows that Cannabis can benefit 15 of the 17 objectives, added to the fact that we have a layer of environmental and social positively impact added to the business, we believe that in the future we will cover the 17 objectives. Analyzing in more depth, we can highlight 4 of the 17 SDGs that are in Kanna's core business where we have a strong influence.

Contributing to 31 of the 169 goals for the 2030 agenda, in addition to being able to demonstrate efficiency for 16 goals through KPIs that we already have in our Business Plan today, and we believe that with a new look it is possible to relate to even more goals. 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals for the 2030 Agenda signed by 193 countries.

Market Align

Market Share

Another important point to highlight is the size of the market that Kanna is in, the 3 markets are in full growth and at an accelerated pace. The ESG market alone is worth about $30 trillion dollars. If you want to understand better about the markets in question, below you will find a link that explains better about each one of them. ​ ​

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