Welcome to Kanna

Invest in the Planet, Recover the Environment with KNN
Kanna wants to benefit degraded land and allow people to invest in positive environmental impact using blockchain transparency.
Hello, we are Kanna, a socio-environmental impact company that uses Blockchain and Hemp technology to recover the environment, reducing the effects of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. The KNN token is Kanna's digital asset, which corresponds to an area of hemp cultivation, adding to the token a real-world environmental and social impact.
This document brings all of Kanna's vision of the future and the current applications and uses of the token, serving as a large open letter that explains how we intend to generate impact by aligning all stakeholders (team + community) with our purpose.
You can use the menu to navigate between links and go straight to points of interest. If you don't know Kanna very well, I recommend reading the material in its entirety.
Then tell us what you think. Good reading!
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