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The KNN Token increases its efficiency in environmental and social impact over time

Cultivation Certification Platform

The Kanna Platform is a product that helps Hemp and Cannabis producers gain visibility for their operations and assess whether the producer is engaged in regenerative agriculture. It is also a key component for the development of the Kanna protocol, which aims to assist producers in the future to generate carbon credits and benefit from sustainable practices.

Due to illegal Cannabis trading, the reliability of serious players in this market is often questioned regarding important aspects of their supply chain, such as seed imports, product sales, production partners, etc.

Certification generates a document that verifies the practices employed in the production chain, allowing the producer to display a sustainable cultivation seal on their website and other communication channels. The seal will link to a cultivation project page containing key information related to the company's regulations, products, practices, logistics, and results generated by the certification process, enhancing reliability about the operation.

How is the Validation Process Carried Out?

The Kanna community's cultivation audit aims to replace the intermediary in the validation and certification process of cultivation data.

The process involves the presentation of documents related to the project, ranging from fiscal and licensing documents to evidence of consumption, pollution, and damage repair, all of which are validated by members of the Kanna community who are rewarded for this activity.

In the future, cultivations may receive audits from companies and specialized professionals in the market and the academic community.

The process consists of:

  1. Registration on the platform, done by the producer.

  2. Submission of documentation and evidence related to the cultivation, done by the producer.

  3. Verification and assessment of the submitted documentation, carried out by members of the community.

  4. Issuance of the cultivation report via the Kanna platform.

  5. Display of cultivation information and certification on the Kanna dApp.

The main information from the cultivation report is recorded on the blockchain to bring credibility and trust to the process.

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