Meet the people behind the project
Our team is made up of senior professionals from diverse markets who have the right skills to execute the plan. These professionals have already helped to grow and manage several Technology Businesses, Financial Projects, Cannabis, Blockchain Businesses, etc..
Luís Quintanilha was Co-founder and CMO of the largest technology school in the country and Head of Growth at Vindi, Mario Lenhart was a financial executive for large corporations such as Grupo FIAT, Pricewaterhouse and Votorantim, and Natália was also one of the partners at Gama Academy and former partner and legal director of Foxbit, at the time the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the country.
Great technology, legal, financial, esg professionals are already part of the Kanna team and we continue to grow.
Habilidades do Time Atual
In addition, our team of advisors is made up of executives and senior strategists from different areas who help us in the relationship with the ecosystem, accelerate growth and also act as technical advisors.
We brought key people who are among the greatest authorities in their areas, Robson Harada is CMO of Mercado Bitcoin and founder of alma DAO, Guilherme Junqueira CEO of Gama Academy and founder of Associação Brasileira de Startups, Gastón Lepera led the bill of 30 years for the regulation of Cannabis in Uruguay, also helped in Paraguay, Chile, Rio Grande do Norte and Pernambuco and Jean Marc, post professor in environmental law at IBMEC and Head of new technologies and ESG at Lima Feigelson.
We also have key media and service partnerships such as Plantando Bem, our PR agency Scale and Marketing a Você no Hype.

List of current members and stakeholders