Future Vision

This section is intended to explain about future applications of the token.

This chapter deals with a future vision of the KNN token, aiming at the next stage of the roadmap described in the exodus era.

What you can expect as the evolution of the token and platform?

There are several reasons for the KNN token to become a strong digital asset in the future, as already explained in the KNN Token section.

In this chapter, we will delve into the applications and utilities planned for the token.

Here's how you will be able to use your KNN tokens:

  1. Vote in decisions related to the company's strategy and governance.

  2. Generate Impact Badges with smart contracts tied to documented impact.

  3. Receive rewards in carbon credits through participation in stake pools.

  4. Trade your tokens on Exchanges and DEX platforms.

  5. Use the token as a currency with Kanna's network of partners and products.

  6. Among many other applications...

Protocol for Carbon Token Generation

⚠️ The section below outlines a future vision of the KNN token, aligning with the next stage of the roadmap related to carbon generation.

The Kanna certification platform that will generate the seal for producers is the first step in certifying carbon credits that will integrate Kanna's economy in the future.

The process involves the confrontation of cultivation evidence sent by Kanna, the community's audit, and interaction with smart oracles to ensure the validation of the asset's backing. This process is expected to occur once or twice a year, aiming to eliminate intermediaries from the audit operation.

Below is a simplified illustration of the process:

  1. Monitoring: Proof is sent by the three actors in the process - the farm, the community, and the smart oracles.

  2. Security Audit: These proofs are compared, and a report is issued indicating the amount of carbon tokens that can be minted.

  3. Distribution: Kanna trades and distributes these credits in its ecosystem or on third-party platforms, as well as directly with companies that want to offset their carbon footprint

In summary, the documentation process involves satellite photography with evidence of the impacted area, GPS coordinates of the photographs, certified technical reports from the plantation, legal records, evidence of fertilizer use, logs of all events and proofs sent and confronted, and more.

Efficiency in Damage Repair

Due to the maximum pre-defined volume of tokens (Max Supply), as Kanna's certification area expands, the token will gain even greater efficiency in CO2 removal and damage repair.

efycience=area/totalsupplyefycience = area / total supply

For example, if Kanna certifies an area of 20 million m² (2000 hectares) and has a supply of 10 million tokens, each token would represent 2m² of certified impact.

If, after one year, the total certification area expands to 60 million m², each token would then represent 6m², an increase in impact efficiency of approximately 3x (three times) or 200%.

So, if each m² of hemp plantation removes around 1kg³ of CO2 per year, the token representing 6m² would remove approximately 6kg³ per year.

*The "Era Êxodos" refers to a phase in the company's roadmap.

The KNN Token's ability to increase its efficiency over time gives it a DEFLATIONARY LOGIC.

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