Definitions on the distribution of Kanna's Token (KNN)

First of all, it is important to note that Kanna is not a company that aims to generate profit, so no one of the corporate board receives rewards in fiat currency. Founders, partners, investors and stakeholders are rewarded with KNN tokens.

As it is a DAO, it is common for most of the assets to stay with the community and not with the founding team, as shown in the chart below. PS: This is an estimate of Kanna's Captable behavior, taking into account Kanna's Business Plan.

Roles and Stakeholders

Below, briefly, the role of each stakeholder in our structure.

💡 Team This is a separate Equity share for people who play strategic roles in Kanna's operation, comprising the team of founders, advisors and key experts. Vesting: 48 months | Lockup: 18 months.

📢 Vault These players are part of the Channels strategy, growth levers, specialized services, among others, and serve as Kanna's vault in KNN. Vesting: 36 months | Lockup: 12 months.

🚀Private (Prime Holders) We are considering here the long-term Holders who make large contributions to the purchase of KNN tokens, these people or institutions play a fundamental role in driving the business, investing resources to help accelerate the development of the company's results and objectives. Vesting: 24 months | Lockup: 12 months.

🌏 Holders (Pre-Sale, CEX, DEX, Stake Pool) All people buying tokens who believe in the project and want to generate social and environmental impact and receive their rewards for it. Vesting: 0 months | Lockup: 0 months.

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