Token Utilities

This chapter deals with current uses for the KNN Token (Kanna Coin)
Kanna members who own KNN tokens will be able to use them to access closed groups on the company's discord upon validation via wallet or email to obtain exclusive benefits on Kanna's partner network, participate in strategic discussions on ESG, Cannabis, Blockchain and other matters of the interest of the group, in addition to having access to exclusive prizes and collectibles.
To validate your entry in the group, just access the holder-verification channel and you will have access to two "roles" Member and Prime Member, which give access to 4 closed channels, they are:
💹_reports-kanna Used for quarter closing reports, company announcements, product releases, among other matters.
💬_discussion Channel for opening threads on important topics related to the topics we work with, impact business models, innovation, among others.
💬_prime-members Strategic discussions about the market, new business models, next steps for Kanna, sharing news, research and materials related to Kanna and Cannabis, ESG and Blockchain topics.
🤝_collabs Channel Closed to members in order to promote strategic partnerships for the business. Anyone who owns a KNN token is a Kanna Member, to become a Prime Member one needs to own 1,000 or more KNN tokens.

Benefits list:

All benefits will be available within 5 business days after the pre-sale ends. This step is necessary so that Kanna has time to select all addresses eligible for token utilities.
Members ✅ Discounts on Kanna's partner network ✅ Pre-order campaign collectible badge ✅ Access to exclusive discussion groups ✅ Participation in Kanna's lives ✅ Access to various gifts and awards
Prime Members ✅ Discounts on Kanna's partner network ✅ Collectible badge from the pre-order campaign (Prime Version). ✅ Access to Exclusive Discussion groups. ✅ Access to the screening of the partnership channel for the dissemination of collabs. ✅ Participation in Kanna's Lives ✅ Participation in Kanna Events ✅ Access to various gifts and awards

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the partners and where can I redeem the discount?
We already have 3 partners already approved for the discount, as new needs and partnership opportunities that can benefit the community arise, we will expand the range of benefits.
To redeem your discount, just access the Partner Discount thread on the channel: 💬_discussion
Current benefits: - Cultivation course by Plantando Bem: from R$497.00 to R$297.00 - Kaya Mind Cannabis Market Immersion: 10% - Discount 5% discount on all Bem Bolado e-commerce.
What is a Collectible Badge?
A Collectible Badge in the context of this promotion refers to a limited-run NFT image of Kanna that will only be distributed upon pre-sale of the KNN token.
You can use your Badge as a collectible on your social networks, you can use it to enter face-to-face events, working as a Kanna passport, among other applications.
How do I access exclusive groups?
These groups already exist on discord, but they are closed and only those who have tokens can access them, just connect your wallet to the holder verification channel and you automatically access the groups.
If you have purchased your tokens, but have not yet redeemed them for your wallet, just send an email to [email protected] informing your discord user requesting the release that we will validate manually.
In these groups, people will be able to access an open channel with Kanna's team, advisors and stakeholders. PS: The manual release process can take up to 3 business days.
What is the difference between member and prime member?
  • Member: Owns any number of tokens
  • Prime Member: Has more than 1,000 KNNs.
In general, the main differences are in the groups, where prime members access a group with more strategic discussions related to the market together with Kanna's team and stakeholders and can also participate in Kanna's annual event in person while the member participates via online transmission.
How can I participate in lives and events for members of the Kanna community?
Just access the link that will be inside the exclusive channel for the lives, while to participate in the in-person event, just present your Badge at the event venue.
What are the different gifts and prizes?
Anyone who participates in the community can apply to win gifts such as accessories, tickets, products, among others according to the partnerships brought to the community.
When will I be able to access the benefits?
On the 7th of March or within 5 business days after the end of the pre-sale. What happens first.