This section is intended to explain about future applications of the token.

How to use?

There are several reasons for the KNN Token to become a strong digital asset in the future, as already explained in the section on estimating impact and asset valuation.
In this chapter we cover in more detail the applications and utilities planned for the launch and future of the Token

See how you can use your KNN tokens

At launch, we will have the first Stake Pool for payment of income. In the following initiatives, the construction of projects together with the community of KNN holders. In addition, in the future you will be able to use the KNN token in different situations, such as the examples below:
  • Vote on decisions related to the Company's strategy and governance;
  • Generate Impact Badges with smart contracts tied to revitalized soil;
  • Generate Carbon Credits through investment in stake pool;
  • Make donations to philanthropic causes using the stake pool without having to spend your tokens;
  • Use the token as currency to purchase CBD produced by Kanna;
  • Trade your tokens on Exchanges and DEX;
  • Use the token as currency in the partner network Among many other applications…

What is a Stake Pool?

A Stake Pool consists of the mechanics for locking tokens in an application that takes into account transaction volume and application time to generate rewards for people who choose to leave their tokens in a given application. In other words, you can place your tokens in an application with other people holding KNN tokens and receive income that can be redeemed in different ways. Among the top 3 ways to utilize KNN tokens are rewards in income, governance, and compensation for environmental and social harm.
You can choose which application/fund to place your tokens in, or simply place them in an index linked to all of them at the same time. It is important to note that this stake pool dynamic only starts in the Exodus era.

1. Application - Income in KNN

This is the best-known model in the market and became popular with the arrival of the concept of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). In this model, which is very similar to a fixed income investment, you acquire KNN tokens and receive an income for the amount and time invested in our fund, in which case you can accumulate more and more KNN tokens.
Kanna's Stake Pool can pay between 12 and 20% annual income under application in the first few years

2. Application - Damage Compensation

This system consists of applying your tokens to generate fractions of carbon credits as "income" from the application that will serve to offset your annual CO2 emissions. You will be able to generate Badges (medals) that prove that you are a sustainable person and are helping to regenerate the planet.
In the future we want to equate 1 KNN token with the average CO2 emission offset of a person. The graph below illustrates the curve of tokens needed to offset one person's issuance taking into account only the increase in efficiencies over time. If we take into account people's awareness and consequently the reduction of burning, these numbers can be even better.
Estimation of the amount of tokens to offset the average CO2 emission by a person who invests in Kanna's stake pool

3. Application - Governance and DAO

Kanna is a Flexible DAO, so the company's governance system, through smart contracts, is implemented in layers. At first, Kanna's Corporate Governance will be carried out by the founding team and gradually being passed on to the community.
In the future, Corporate Governance will be carried out by the community, which will be able to vote on decisions about Kanna's evolution and expansion of operations, as examples:
  • Which area/country will Kanna expand its operation?
  • What refinement processes can we do with Hemp?
  • How will direct investment in local improvements be made?
  • What other hemp technologies and applications can we explore?
  • Who will make up Kanna's board of directors?
  • What are the possible strategic objectives for the expansion of the company?
  • Among others…
The idea is that every application of Kanna's governance is done by robots developed to act on different fronts and situations with action structures verified by the entire community.
Like the other applications, participation in the Company's Governance will be related to the volume of tokens and the time of application, generating rewards paid in “governance tokens”.

4. Application - Various

In addition, we will be able to provide several other application models ranging from donations to the community, NGOs, etc., through their tokens, donating only the income from the applications and keeping your token in your wallet.
Still in this line, we can open applications combined with other impact tokens to further enhance the impact generated. We have a vast potential for developing applications for the token that we can explore, but that's already a question for the community to help us decide.
What will be the next applications? Let's Decide Together...👊